Happy Earth Day — Openhearted Rebel

Happy Earth Day! Today we should take time to reflect on everything nature does for us and realize that without it, we wouldn’t be here. If you can, get outside today and enjoy the good vibes. Much love 🙂

via Happy Earth Day — Openhearted Rebel


Author: kimsknowings

I am an Investigative Writer bringing awareness to the so called "Conspiracy Theorists" Theories as they become more and more Relevant in our daily lives. I like to acknowledge these non-conformist, Critical Thinkers, many of whom have unfortunately~ been treated as "crazy" by their own friends and even family members! Some have been placed in mental institutions and fed medications due to what they had believed to be true through information they had gathered and intuitive gut instinct. I will show you how more and more often, these VERY "theories" or "controversial topics", are proving themselves out! They have BEEN INDEED TRUE ALL ALONG !!! In the past several years.... especially most recently, many more secrets are coming into the light. This Blog will be revealing over 30 years of intensive research geo-politically, spiritually, scientifically, meta physically, socio-economically, psychologically and theologically. How does it all tie together to reveal the Truth? And WHY was the Truth of so much of our History and in so many Aspects of our Earthly timeline Intentionally kept hidden from the majority of us at any cost? "History is a series of lies the Victorious have agreed upon" ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

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